63-B Roller Stabilizer

63-B Roller Stabilizer

63-B Roller Stabilizer

Stabilization is an often overlooked component of blast-hole drilling that can significantly affect the life of the drill and the drilling components allowing you to reduce the Total Drilling Cost.


Benefits of Stabilization

Decreased gauge and shirttail wear of the drill bit since the stabilizer forces the bit to drill in a straight line.

Smoother hole walls for easier loading of explosives and more even distribution of explosive, giving more efficient and consistent blasting results. Smoother bores also provide a better conduit for cutting removal with less up-hole air turbulence.

Decreases the vibrations caused by the drill pipe rubbing against the hole wall and deck bushing. This reduction of drill pipe scraping also leads to longer pipe life.

When the above benefits are analyzed the results are reduced drill bit cost, reduced explosive cost, reduced drill pipe cost and reduced maintenance cost on the drill. All factors combined reduce the TDC (Total Drilling Cost).

Welded Blade Product Information

The welded blade stabilizer is manufactured with a body of alloy steel with steel wear bars welded to the body and covered with hard metal. This stabilizer can have either straight or spiral ribs and is effective in soft to medium formations which are either wet or dry.

63-B Product Information

When Drilco Industrial’s 63 Series of Roller Stabilizers were introduced, it opened a new era in blast hole drilling. Increased life and reduced operating costs are achieved with the 63-B design through the use of rollers and bearings.

Rollers with pressed-in tungsten carbide compacts, working against deeply carburized precision honed, air-cooled bearings, assured long life. Increased air circulation area is accomplished by the use of a patented aero construction, which conducts air through the bearing pins to the drilling bit.

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