Inertia Weld Drill Pipe

Inertia Weld Drill Pipe

Inertia Weld Drill Pipe

Inertia Welding, when applicable, is the best method of joining tool joints to drill pipe. Inertia welding is an autogenous process in which heat for coalescence is produced by direct conversion of mechanical energy to thermal energy at the joint interface. The mechanical energy is generated by the sliding-action friction between the rotating or rubbing surfaces at the point of the weld interface. Plainly speaking, inertia welding produces a uniform, fine-grained, clean, high quality, stronger weldment without the injection of filler materials.


Drilco Industrial drill pipe is manufactured to specifications established specifically for water well and mineral exploration drilling requirements. Available with either flush O.D. or elevator shouldered tool joints.

Inertia weld areas are subjected to a two stage, coil induction heat treatment to restore the physical and metallurgical properties affected during inertia welding.

Tool joints are made from high quality alloy steel, heat-treated to obtain the best physical properties in a combination of hardness, strength and ductility by exacting control during quenching and tempering operations. Machine operations are performed in a sequence that assures close tolerance concentricity and alignment of the O.D., I.D. and threads. Each machine operation is checked by a quality assurance technician. The final check being made of the thread lead, pitch, taper and shoulder stand-off using frequently calibrated precision gages. Thread and shoulder surfaces are then treated with a phosphate coating to minimize galling on the initial makeup of the connection. Tool joints are attached to the pipe or tubing by inertia welding. Each weld is ultra-sonically inspected to assure that it is of high quality.

O.D. Sizes Available:
2 1/2” - 5 1/2”

When Ordering - Please Specify:

  1. Drill Rig Make/Model
  2. O.D. (Outside Diameter)
  3. Length
  4. Wall Thickness
  5. Connections
  6. I.D. (Inside Diameter), if required
  7. Any special requests or modifications