Rotary Subs

Rotary Subs

Rotary Subs

Rotary Subs are used where threads of one size or type must be coupled together with threads of another size or type. Other subs are used as wear prevention at connection points that are frequently made up and broken out, such as Kelly Saver Subs.

If you desire subs with special configurations, send drawings and specifications when requesting a quotation.


Drilco Industiral Rotary Subs are machined from quality alloy steel. All threads are precision machined and protected by a phosphate surface coating after machining to prevent galling on initial makeup.

  1. Type of Sub (Top Sub, Bit Sub, Kelly Sub, etc.)
  2. Rig Type or Any Special Wrenching
  3. Overall Length
  4. Largest Diameter
  5. Bore
  6. Size and Type of Connections

For OD Reduction Subs, include this additional info:

  1. Diameter of Reduced Section
  2. Length of Reduced Section